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St. Michael’s Brewing Company, Inc. is a microbrewery with a modern industrial themed taproom serving traditional European style beers in honor of those who protect and serve. Located just 1 mile off US 98 and 2.5 miles from beautiful Navarre Beach!

St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of the warrior, designated as the protector of those who strive to preserve security, safety, and peace. Members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and others who work to serve and protect us, regard St. Michael as their patron saint. St. Michael’s Brewing Company will brew craft beer in honor of those who strive to preserve security, safety, and peace. St. Michael’s Brewing Company products are named in honor of these great professions or organizations.

St. Michael’s Brewing Company is owned and operated by a collective of active duty, military veterans and likeminded people who enjoy serving…beer. For you non-military types and FNGs who are visiting for the first time: you may experience dank military humor, knife hands and a strong desire to use weird acronyms.

Our Beers


Refer to our Facebook page for food truck hours of operations and last-minute updates to the food truck lineup.  Ask all menu questions to the actual food trucks.

Donorship & Sponsorship


There are so many great causes out there, and because of that we unfortunately cannot take part in all of them. To assist us in making our choices, we ask that you read the below policy for donation and sponsorship.

  • Requests must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event or date that the donation/sponsorship is needed, though we typically give preference to requests further out.  Consideration for all requests received will be given at the beginning of the following month.
  • Who we favor: Military, first responder, law enforcement, and education programs supporting family members affected by a parent(s) lost in the line of duty.
  • Considerations:  Donations or sponsorships may be considered as long as budgeted funds are available.  All requestors must demonstrate how the brewery will be listed/advertised/radio blast/social media mentions and frequency as a sponsor or how this venture will lead to a return on investment for St. Michael’s Brewing Co.
  • We do not openly offer cash donations or sponsorships: We largely only approve requests for in-kind donation or sponsorship. If your event requires an entrance or vendor fee or sponsorship dollars to be given up front, we will likely decline your request.
  • We only sponsor events that we are legally allowed to: Florida law prohibits us from donating beer to unlicensed events. Any charity function held on public property such as a park or museum must have a temporary liquor license designated to the charity by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation in order for us to participate. Events held in an already licensed premises such as a bar or restaurant must be open to the public and the beer must be furnished free of charge or without implied sale for us to donate. (In the case of the latter, we may still be able to participate in your event if our beer is purchased from a licensed distributor, but donation is prohibited.) More information on applying for and receiving this ODP license can be found here.
  • All non-profit donations or sponsorships must be associated with a 501c3 non-profit organization, with the majority of proceeds directly benefiting that organization: We require a letter of determination proving 501c3 status as well as a signed letter from a chair of that organization or official receipt stating intent to donate.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, we decline all requests for sponsorships of the following: Intramural or amateur sports teams or leagues of any kind, golf outings and tournaments, athletes, motorsports, and bands. We also do not participate in sponsorship for youth programs or schools (excluding St. Michael’s Brewing Co. employee youth sport program requests), religious organizations, or any event directly involving the presence of children.
  • We prefer brewery presence at any sponsored events and generally avoid sponsorships that are simply logo placements: We like to participate in our philanthropic efforts, not just sit by the sidelines. As such, we may decline requests that are simply logo placements or the like.

Thank you for your consideration!

Private Events

Looking for a place to hold an event or function? We might be able to help you out.
Here is a list of event types we are happy to host:
  • Military retirement parties
  • Adult Birthday parties
  • Reunion parties
  • Community/citizen information events
  • Fundraisers for causes we support (we will make the call)

Things we will not host:

  • Political activities or any activity that solicits a vote from our customers
  • Children’s parties/events
  • Any religious type activities
  • Sales type functions
  • Anything that sways away from the moral compass (we will make the call)

Emerald Coast Beer History

Pensacola, FL 1935 - 1964

Spearman Brewing Co.

The Spearman Brewing Company was a brewery located at 1600 Barrancas Avenue.

It opened May 18, 1935, shortly after the end of prohibition, and was a member of the Florida Brewers’ Association, which was founded April 6, 1934. It was popular among local military personnel during World War II.  Owner Guy Spearman, who also owned the Crystal Ice Company, allegedly became attracted to the industry after touring a brewery in Mexico. The Spearman slogan was “The Pure Water Does It.”

The brewery closed in 1964.

An old image from spearman Brewing Co

More history of the Spearman Brewing Company can be read in this article written by Drew Buchanan with The Pulse.

Pensacola, FL 1935 - 1964

Pensacola and Destin 1989 - Present

McGuire’s Irish Pub & Brewery

The original McGuire’s opened in 1977 and installed brewing in 1989. It is Florida’s oldest brewpub.

Pensacola and Destin 1989 - Present

Up to - 2022

Recent History
Recently the Florida craft beer industry has started to soar.  The growth is perhaps a little behind in comparison to other craft states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, etc.  However, in mid 2022 the total number of licensed breweries in the state of Florida had risen to 428 in comparison to 161 in 2015.  As of November 2022, from Destin west to Pensacola, there are 24 licensed craft breweries on the Emerald Coast.
Up to - 2022

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